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    Thank you, Mr. Pete Klupar.

    Now, we have been challenging [....] over one from the thrust weight ratio : F/W > 1.0 with a new thrust force by the internal pressure difference of our unique propulsion evolution system (not open to the public).

    That means we (humankind) can reach ... over the Earch's atmosphere without the rocket fuel (of the burden on the environment) in case of successfully its testing (success of the above ground experiment).

    Probably, its test body may be able to go to the outer space with no rocket within this year 2017, (if the funds for... are raised)

    Our demonstration you requested will be showed sooner or later.


    Kingo Ueuchi
    AeroSpace Universe Corp.

  2. Breakthrough Initiatives:

    Apr 10, 2017 08:29 Posted on: Breakthrough Initiatives

    Thank you for the comments and for your interest in StarShot.

    - Avi Loeb, Breakthrough Starshot

  3. Theodore Frimet:

    Please feel free to delete this comment, as it is coming from the likes of a hobbyist, and not a dyed-in-the wool physicist.

    Allow the coherent light source to quantum tunnel, and emit as multiple wavelets on the opposing side of the "sail".
    Ideally, the emitted light waves, would be Minkowski photonic pressure, and pull the sail.

    No heat. No thermodynamics. Just photonic pressure.

    As for how to make the multiple waves, (and yes I can not do this) - laser stir a medium into a lowest energy state (Bose-Einstein Condensate), and separate parts of the condensate to produce the classic double slit.

    I can't hardly imagine how a physicist could use a Tunneling Electron Microscope (TEM) to move atoms; and how we could not move He in a similar fashion while existing as a BEC. Or a Josephson junction, to fire one electron at a time - but to make damn certain that the electron cascades into two virtual photons before entering the BEC medium.

    I know that a BEC can quantum tunnel. So, here's the charm and the fiction - (and why I've asked you to delete my comment if necessary) - photons striking the BEC don't have to quantum tunnel, if they can pass thru the double slit, do they? But if you could get a photon to tunnel (without the double slit) wouldn't it be exciting to find out that there are multiple waves, instead of one coherent beam?

    -Theodore Frimet

  4. Breakthrough Initiatives:

    Thank you for your comments. We will consider them as we build the system.

    - Pete Klupar, Breakthrough Starshot

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